Reposit Review: See how the Osborne's reduced their power bill


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Published 3 March, 2017 by Reposit Power
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Jane and Dom were Reposit’s first customers, and are special friends of the company and true leaders in transforming the grid.

The problem - high power bills

Jane and Dom came to Reposit with a problem – a large power bill. A really large power bill – about $7,000 a year large. This was despite having a sizeable free-standing solar panel system on their property near Bungendore, NSW.

“It’s been exciting to be the first household in the world to have Reposit’s ground breaking technology.” Jane

Why was their bill so high? The Osbornes had extensively renovated their homestead in 2013. Sustainable living was a key consideration. They added a ground-source heat pump – a central heating/cooling system that transfers heat to or from the ground. In theory, a good choice especially because it was to be powered from the property’s large 6 kilowatt solar system. However, in practice the heat pump needed a lot of energy to transfer the heat around. The heat pump turned into a huge energy hog – consuming large amounts of electricity in their cold climate. On a bad day, it was using equivalent energy to 10 normal houses.

The solution - a Reposit smart battery

Reposit helped Jane and Dom to install a Magellan RES1 storage system, with lithium batteries that store energy, coordinated by Reposit's smart technology. Reposit acts as the brains behind the solar panels, the energy storage system and the household appliance – making sure they work together as a smart home energy system.

Reposit’s software aims to minimise the property’s reliance on the grid. It is constantly looking ahead, and planning the best way to use or store the solar energy, based on predictions of how much is likely to be generated and the home’s typical electricity use. Reposit will also automatically sell excess energy back to the grid when prices are highest.

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The result - big savings

Commissioned in late April 2015, by the beginning of 2016 Jane and Dom had saved $3000, compared with their bills during the previous year when their solar system was running without a battery storage and Reposit.

Jane and Dom joined Diamond Energy GC100 pilot, which pays 100c/kwh for wholesale trades. Progressive electricity companies are willing to pay like-minded customers for clean energy when wholesale prices are high. Reposit automatically enables Jane and Dom to export electricity back to the grid on demand. It’s similar to a feed in tariff, but one where you only sell back when the wholesale energy prices spike. Getting you further savings and reducing the time it takes to pay off the installation. We call this GridCredits.

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