Can I get a $0 bill with solar power?

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Published December 6th, 2018 by Reposit Power

Can I get a $0 bill with solar power?

Can you get a $0 power bill by adding solar panels to your roof?

While reading your latest electricity bill, did you experience any of the following symptoms — Confusion? Heavy breathing? Cold sweating? Anger? If so, you have suffered a classic case of bill shock, otherwise known as the reaction from receiving that unexpectedly high electricity bill. Don’t worry you’re not alone, there has been a dramatic increase in cases of bill shock in Australia!

Your grocery receipt is itemised, your new car window sticker lists all your options even your phone bill breaks down the different charges. But your electricity bill is a huge mystery. It’s just a large number - a measure of the power you used, and a price - and that’s it. No wonder you’ve experienced the classic case of bill shock!

So just why is your electricity bill so high, and what on earth can you do about it to help stop bill shock? It’s true that electricity prices are up 117 per cent since 2008 and are still rising. But what can you do to get a $0 electricity bill? Well, don’t worry Reposit is here to help and explain how you can aim to get a $0 bill with one easy solution.

How to get a $0 power bill?

There are three ways to reduce your electricity bill that doesn’t involve sitting in the dark.

1.Use less electricity - easier said than done and who wants to do that? Sacrificing our comforts isn’t something any of us want to do.  

2. Turn into a hard-nosed, penny-pinching, power-hungry hustler, who spends every waking moment haggling with big electricity companies to get a better deal.


3. Install solar panels on your roof!

The last option is the easiest and unlike the other two will make you money. But to get your electricity bills all the way down to zero you’ll either need to be a modest user of electricity or failing that, have a really really big… roof!

Trying to decide whether solar is right for you? We bring you a ‘no-nonsense’ run-down of solar set-ups, and give you the right questions to ask when it’s time to install your panels.

Can you get a $0 bill from solar?

So, can solar bring your bill down to $0? Yes, it can. Generating your own energy means you can draw less from the grid, and therefore reduces your power bill. But getting your bill down to $0 with solar will require some help from you.

To get a $0 bill from solar alone can be quite tricky. You would need to try and do two things:

  • When the sun is shining, power your household from your solar, and
  • produce extra solar energy that you could sell to offset any energy you use at night or when the sun isn’t shining - known as a solar feed-in-tariff.

If you’re a big night time energy user, it can be quite tricky to try and get a $0 from solar. You can help reduce your bill by using your more power-hungry appliances during the day such as your washing machine or pool pump.

Selling your excess energy back to the grid will also help, on average you can get between 6-14c per kWh for selling your energy. So again if you’re a big night time energy user it can be tricky to reduce your bill to $0 with solar.

But, by adding a smart home energy setup like Reposit, you can keep track of how your solar setup is performing and to know when you're generating lots of solar energy. This will help you to make the right decisions on when to turn on your power-hungry appliances to squeeze those extra savings from your solar setup - you can even schedule your power-hungry appliances to turn on remotely with Reposit.

Can you get a $0 bill from solar?

In basic terms, installing a solar power system is a worthwhile investment and your electricity bill will reduce. But, will it get you to that $0 electricity bill? It may, but it’s unlikely. Your accredited solar installer is the best person to speak to about using solar to get you to that illusive $0 bill.

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