What is a home energy management system?


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Published 3 November, 2017 by  

Home Energy Management

Many of us like to keep track and manage our household energy. We have a fairly good idea of what works and how to control what we consume and generate. Home energy management systems (HEMS) have exploded into the market in the past few years and provide an easier way to track how and when you use energy.

But what is a home energy management system (HEMS)? And how can it help you to control your energy usage and reduce your electricity bill?

What is a home energy management system?

A home energy management system is a technology platform that has both hardware and software that assists you to monitor your household’s energy usage and production and to control and conserve energy usage.


A HEMS has hardware that acts as a communications base. The hardware relays and records your household energy usage and communicates this to you, and sometimes your electricity company and electricity distributor.

The hardware connects to and is usually installed in your electrical switchboard so it can instantly monitor and record your household energy use.


HEMS software is the interface that allows you to monitor and control your electricity system. Accessible via your home computer, tablet or smartphone the software increases the energy effectiveness of your house, and lets you make smart decisions about how and when your household uses energy.

Smart software will:

  • View and track your home energy costs
  • Show your electricity usage and what you’re buying from the electricity grid in real time
  • Predict your electricity usage and if you have solar panels, your solar generation 24 hours in advance
  • If you have solar panels, show you how much solar energy you’re generating
  • Compare your system’s previous performance
  • Provide energy saving tips

What does HEMS monitor and help manage?

HEMS vary greatly but there are three main aspects that they should help you to monitor and control.

1.Electricity monitoring

A HEMS keeps track and helps you manage the electricity in your household. You can see how much electricity your household is using and how much it is costing you.

It takes into consideration your electricity rates, your electricity plan and whether you have solar power or a solar battery system.

A HEMS helps you monitor your household’s energy consumption in real-time, and get predictions for your household energy usage. Letting you plan the best times to use energy to reduce your electricity bills.

2. Solar monitoring

If you are one of the more than 1.64 million Australian households with solar panels on your roof, a HEMS can help you to choose when to self consume your solar energy or when to export your generated energy to the grid.

A HEMS lets you instantly know when you are generating more solar energy than your household consumes - letting you choose to either turn on your power hungry appliances and use the energy you're generating or sell it back to the electricity grid for a good price.

3. Solar Battery monitoring

Home solar batteries have exploded in the last two years as they provide a way to capture the electricity your solar panels generate during the day to use when you need electricity. They are the key to better control and lower electricity bills.

But without the right software, batteries can be dumb. A smart HEMS will take into account multiple variables such as what electricity plan you are on and can alter when your battery stores and exports energy based on your household needs. The software will also follow the electricity market prices and know when to sell your stored energy on top of your solar feed-in-tariff for an extraordinary price.

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