Turn up your air conditioner, turn down your power bills


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Published 4 October, 2017 by Kirsty Waterford

Solar air conditioner

When temperatures rise, so do our power bills. But what if there was a way to maintain your level of comfort during the summer months without the worry of a hefty energy bill?

In the peak of summer, there’s a big chance your entire neighbourhood is reeling from the heat!

Which means it’s likely that more air conditioners are running. This high surge in demand hikes up the cost of electricity, which makes your power bills higher during those hotter months of the year.

You can still enjoy your air conditioner all summer long without the strain on your wallet with smart solar batteries.

Smart solar battery systems let you store electricity from solar panels for future use. They are particularly handy on sweltering, hot summer days when electricity prices are high. With a setup like Reposit’s, your solar battery system will monitor your weather forecast and store energy for you to use when electricity prices are high.

Relax in comfort

As the temperatures reach soaring levels during the day, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your comfort and lifestyle to avoid high electricity bills. By storing solar power in your battery, you avoid having to buy energy from the grid when it’s at the greatest price, allowing you to enjoy your air-conditioned home all summer long without the heavy price tag.

Stay cool at night for less

Losing sleep due to the heat is not an ideal way to spend the summer! Avoid restless nights by running your air conditioner as long as you need to throughout the night. With a solar battery installed, you can continue using your air conditioner to cool the house down overnight and rest assured that it will run cheaply off your own stored power.

Reduce power bills

An exciting benefit of storing solar power is, over time, you can look forward to an overall reduction on your power bills. When running your air conditioner from the stored power in your battery, you won’t ever need to purchase energy from the grid at a higher cost meaning you can enjoy reduced bills in the long term while maintaining your comfortable lifestyle.

Summer is an enjoyable time of year, but only if you’re comfortable and not worrying about your power bills. If you’re thinking about investing in a solar battery, speak to one of our friendly team members to determine which solution is best for your home.